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Add glossary entry for "terrestrial"

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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Classification
The classification consists of five numbers, summing to unity, that give the
probability that the source is a :term:`BNS`, :term:`NSBH`, :term:`BBH` merger,
or contains at least one :term:`MassGap <MassGap>` component, or is of
terrestrial (i.e. a background fluctuation or a glitch) origin. See the
:term:`terrestrial` (i.e. a background fluctuation or a glitch) origin. See the
:ref:`figure in the alert contents section <classification-diagram>` for the
boundaries of the source classification categories in the :math:`(m_1, m_2)`
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ The table below is a representation of the contents of a LIGO/Virgo GCN Notice.
| BNS, NSBH, BBH, | Probability that the source is a :term:`BNS`, | N/A |
| MassGap, Noise | :term:`NSBH`, :term:`BBH`, or :term:`MassGap` merger, or | |
| | terrestrial (i.e, noise) respectively | |
| | :term:`terrestrial` (i.e, noise) respectively | |
+-------------------+-----------------------------------------------------------+ +
| HasNS, HasRemnant | Probability, under the assumption that the source is not | |
| | noise, that at least one of the compact objects was a | |
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ source belongs to the following five categories:
* :term:`NSBH` merger
* :term:`BBH` merger
* :term:`MassGap` merger
* Terrestrial (i.e., a chance background fluctuation or a glitch)
* :term:`Terrestrial` (i.e., a chance background fluctuation or a glitch)
The figure below shows the extent of the three astrophysical categories (BNS,
NSBH, BBH, and MassGap) in terms of the component masses :math:`m_1` and
......@@ -102,6 +102,13 @@ Glossary
spectral density of the gravitational-wave signal over the integral
over frequency of the average power spectral density of the noise.
Classification for signals in gravitational-wave detectors that are of
instrumental or environmental origin. Terrestrial signals are not
astrophysical and not due to gravitational waves. Some examples of
sources of terrestrial signals are statistical noise fluctuations,
detector glitches, and ground motion.
Virgo Observatory (see `Virgo observatory home page
<>`_), site of a 3 km gravitational-wave detector
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