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      Fix typo · 732401ec
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      Fix spelling · c1e3455e
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      Whitespace · 16fc5caf
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      add aladin support · c58d2603
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      fig.1 - moc window creation
      Fig.2 properties window
      aladin collection tree
      aladin thumbnails
      aladin filter
      Aladin MMA
      Delete Aladin_MMA.rst
      Aladin tutorial
      fixed typo
      fixed typos
      Delete Aladin.rst
      Aladin tuto - credible regions and galaxy queries
      fixed reStructuredText syntax error
      Update spelling_wordlist.txt with redshifts
      Update aladin.rst
      Fixed reference style
      fixed spelling error in references
      typos + query discussion
      fixed typo spelling
      MOC and multi-order sky map discussion
      Aladin multi-order support - future releases
      added :menuselection:
      links fixed
      Update aladin.rst
      fixed :guilabel:
      fixed typo "sky map"
      break paragraph
      cut text about the water-filling algorithm
      rename local TOC
      add section in toctree
      fixed title underline
      Aladin memory note
      added "runtime" spelling_wordlist.txt
      fixed misspelled words
      Fixed Title Case
      fixed minor typos
      fixed error
      minor comments from mails
      break paragraph and remove increase memory support
      topic items
      check consistent with the multiorder sky maps section
      add "ipix"
      added .. contents:: :local:
      remove aladin link in the skymaps.rst
      remove blank lines