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#!/usr/bin/env python
__author__ = "Patrick Godwin ("
__description__ = "a module for storing event processing utilities"
### imports
import logging
import signal
import sys
import time
import timeit
from confluent_kafka import Producer, Consumer, KafkaError
except ImportError:
raise ImportError('confluent_kafka is required for this module')
### classes
class EventProcessor(object):
"""Base class for processing events via Kafka.
kafka_server : `str`
the host:port combination to connect to the Kafka broker
input_topic : `str`
the name of the input topic
process_cadence : `float`
maximum rate at which data is processed, defaults to 0.1s
request_timeout : `float`
timeout for requesting messages from a topic, defaults to 0.2s
num_messages : `int`
max number of messages to process per cadence, defaults to 10
tag : `str`
a nickname for the instance, defaults to 'default'
_name = 'processor'
def __init__(
assert kafka_server, 'kafka_server needs to be set'
assert input_topic, 'input_topic needs to be set'
if isinstance(input_topic, str):
input_topic = [input_topic]
### processing settings
self.process_cadence = process_cadence
self.request_timeout = request_timeout
self.num_messages = num_messages
self.is_running = False
### kafka settings
self.kafka_settings = {
'bootstrap.servers': kafka_server,
'': '-'.join([self._name, tag])
self.producer = Producer(self.kafka_settings)
self.consumer = Consumer(self.kafka_settings)
self.consumer.subscribe([topic for topic in input_topic])
### signal handler
for sig in [signal.SIGINT, signal.SIGTERM]:
signal.signal(sig, self.catch)
def fetch(self):
"""Fetch for messages from a topic and processes them.
messages = self.consumer.consume(
for message in messages:
### only add to queue if no errors in receiving data
if message and not message.error():
def process(self):
"""Processes events at the specified cadence.
while self.is_running:
start = timeit.default_timer()
elapsed = timeit.default_timer() - start
time.sleep(max(self.process_cadence - elapsed, 0))
def start(self):
"""Starts the event loop.
"""'starting {}...'.format(self._name.replace('_', ' ')))
self.is_running = True
def stop(self):
"""Stops the event loop.
"""'shutting down {}...'.format(self._name.replace('_', ' ')))
self.is_running = False
def catch(self, signum, frame):
"""Shuts down the event processor gracefully before exiting.
""""SIG {:d} received, attempting graceful shutdown...".format(signum))
def ingest(self, message):
"""Ingests a single event.
NOTE: Derived classes need to implement this.
return NotImplementedError
def handle(self):
"""Handles ingested events.
NOTE: Derived classes need to implement this.
return NotImplementedError
def finish(self):
"""Finish remaining events when stopped and/or shutting down.
NOTE: Derived classes may implement this if desired.
### utilities
def append_args(parser):
"""Append event processing specific options to an ArgumentParser instance.
group = parser.add_argument_group("Event processing options")
group.add_argument("--tag", metavar = "string", default = "default",
help = "Sets the name of the tag used. Default = 'default'")
group.add_argument("--processing-cadence", type = float, default = 0.1,
help = "Rate at which the event uploader acquires and processes data. Default = 0.1 seconds.")
group.add_argument("--request-timeout", type = float, default = 0.2,
help = "Timeout for requesting messages from a topic. Default = 0.2 seconds.")
group.add_argument("--kafka-server", metavar = "string",
help = "Sets the server url that the kafka topic is hosted on. Required.")
group.add_argument("--input-topic", metavar = "string", action = "append",
help = "Sets the input kafka topic. Required.")
return parser
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