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    new nb noise budget module · 39d430dd
    Jameson Graef Rollins authored
    This patch provides a new nb sub-module that defines classes for managing
    and calculating noise budgets.  It provides the following overridable
    nb.Calibration  A noise calibration
    nb.Noise        A noise source
    nb.Budget       A budget of noises
    The Budget class includes a calc_trace() method that will return a traces
    dictionary that includes data and trace plot styling for every noise term
    in the budget recursively.
    The existing included interferometers are updated to define their budgets
    using this new interface, and the plot_noises function is updated to
    accept the new traces dictionary.
    An HDF5_SCHEMA describes how trace dictionaries are encoded into HDF5 files.
    The new io module includes functions for writing traces to HDF5 files, and
    for reading traces stored in this format.
    The command line interface is updated to handle this new structure.
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