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# Python port of GW Interferometer Noise Calculator
## tests
To compare pygwinc vs. matlab gwinc, run the included test command
(requires a local installation of matlab and its python interface):
* checkout, or link an existing checkout of, matlab gwinc in
the test directory:
$ cd pygwinc/gwinc/test
$ ln -s ~/ligo/src/iscmodeling/gwinc
* Execute the test command (specifying path to matlab python
interface if needed):
$ PYTHONPATH=/opt/matlab/python/lib/python2.7/site-packages python -m gwinc.test
This will produce difference plots of noises calculated from matlab
gwinc and pygwinc.
## basic usage
......@@ -41,12 +23,13 @@ A convenience function to plot the resulting noise budget is included:
>>> gwinc.plot_noise(data)
## command line interface
You can make gwinc plots directly from the command line by executing
the package directly:
~/ligo/src/gwinc $ python -m gwinc -h
~/ligo/src/gwinc $ python3 -m gwinc -h
usage: gwinc [-h] [--flo FLO] [--fhi FHI] [--npoints NPOINTS] [--title TITLE]
[--matlab] [--fom FOM] [--dump | --save SAVE | --interactive]
......@@ -80,11 +63,32 @@ optional arguments:
--interactive, -i open interactive shell when plotting
## detector description files
`pygwinc` can load detector descriptions in two different format: the
original MATLAB gwinc .mat format, or the new YAML .yaml format.
`pygwinc` includes two .yaml detector descriptions:
`pygwinc` can load detector descriptions in different formats: the new
YAML .yaml format, the original MATLAB gwinc .mat format, or even from
a MATLAB .m file. `pygwinc` includes .yaml detector descriptions for
various detectors:
* gwinc/ifo/aLIGO.yaml
* gwinc/ifo/A+.yaml
* gwinc/ifo/Voyager.yaml
## comparison with MATLAB gwinc
`pygwinc` includes the ability use MATLAB gwinc directly via the
MATLAB python interface (see the CLI '--matlab' option above). This
also allows for easy direct comparison between the pygwinc and
matgwinc noise budgets.
If you have a local checkout of matgwinc (at e.g. /path/to/gwinc) and
a local installation of MATLAB and it's python interface (at
e.g. /opt/matlab/python/lib/python3.6/site-packages) you can run the
comparison as so:
$ GWINCPATH=/path/to/gwinc PYTHONPATH=/opt/matlab/python/lib/python3.6/site-packages python3 -m gwinc.test -p aLIGO
This will produce a summary page of the various noise spectra that
differ between matgwinc and pygwinc.
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