Commit 0f2aa828 authored by Jameson Graef Rollins's avatar Jameson Graef Rollins

Remove matlab interface from command line.

The gwinc_matlab function itself is not being touched, but the gwinc function
is being relegated to legacy with the upcoming nb.Budget interface.
parent 129380a9
......@@ -11,8 +11,7 @@ logging.basicConfig(format='%(message)s',
from .ifo import available_ifos, load_ifo
from .precomp import precompIFO
from .gwinc import gwinc as pygwinc
from . import gwinc_matlab
from . import gwinc
from . import plot_noise
from . import util
......@@ -63,8 +62,6 @@ parser.add_argument('--npoints', '-n', default=NPOINTS,
help="number of frequency points [{}]".format(NPOINTS))
parser.add_argument('--title', '-t',
help="plot title")
parser.add_argument('--matlab', '-m', action='store_true',
help="use MATLAB gwinc engine to calculate noises")
help="calculate inspiral range for resultant spectrum ('func[:param=val,param=val]')")
parser.add_argument('--no-displacement', '-nd', action='store_false', dest='displacement',
......@@ -140,11 +137,6 @@ def main():
logging.warning("no display, plotting disabled.")
args.plot = False
if args.matlab:
gwinc = gwinc_matlab.gwinc_matlab
gwinc = pygwinc
if args.fom:
import inspiral_range
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