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Commit 1922e581 authored by Jameson Graef Rollins's avatar Jameson Graef Rollins

test cleanup

better titles, calc Total difference, and show max fractional error in plots
and in log, and other log cleanup
parent be58d56b
......@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ SKIP = [
# 'Seismic',
# 'Suspension Thermal',
# 'Newtonian Gravity',
......@@ -69,7 +68,7 @@ def main():
mrecalc = True
if os.path.exists(mdata_pkl):"loading MATLAB data {}...".format(mdata_pkl))"loading matgwinc data {}...".format(mdata_pkl))
with open(mdata_pkl, 'rb') as f:
if sys.version_info.major > 2:
mdata = pickle.load(f, encoding='latin1')
......@@ -83,23 +82,24 @@ def main():
if mdata['ifo_hash'] != ifo_hash:"ifo hash has changed: {}".format(ifo_hash))
if mdata['gwinc_hash'] != gwinc_hash:"GWINC hash has changed: {}".format(gwinc_hash))"matgwinc hash has changed: {}".format(gwinc_hash))
if mrecalc:"calculating MATLAB noises...")"calculating matgwinc noises...")
from ..gwinc_matlab import gwinc_matlab
mscore, mnoises, mifo = gwinc_matlab(freq, ifo)
mdata = dict(score=mscore, noises=mnoises, ifo=mifo, ifo_hash=ifo_hash, gwinc_hash=gwinc_hash)
with open(mdata_pkl, 'wb') as f:
pickle.dump(mdata, f)"calculating pygwinc noises...")
score, noises, ifo = gwinc(freq, ifo)
mnoises = mdata['noises']
diffs = {}
for name, noise in noises.items():
if name == 'Freq':
if name in ['Freq']:
if name in SKIP:
logging.warning("SKIPPING TEST: '{}'".format(name))
......@@ -117,8 +117,9 @@ def main():
logging.warning("EXCESSIVE DIFFERENCE: '{}'".format(name))
logging.warning(" max: {:e}, min: {:e}".format(max(frac), min(frac)))
logging.warning("EXCESSIVE DIFFERENCE: {:{w}} {:6.1f}%".format(
name, max(frac)*100, w=max([len(n) for n in noises])))
# logging.warning(" max: {:e}, min: {:e}".format(max(frac), min(frac)))
diffs[name] = frac
......@@ -128,23 +129,28 @@ def main():
for i, name in enumerate(diffs):
axl = plt.subplot2grid(spec, (i, 0))
axl.loglog(freq, np.sqrt(noises[name]), label='pygwinc')
axl.loglog(freq, np.sqrt(mnoises[name]), label='matlab')
axl.loglog(freq, np.sqrt(mnoises[name]), label='matgwinc')
axl.legend(loc='upper right')
# ax.set_title(name)
frac = diffs[name]
axr = plt.subplot2grid(spec, (i, 1))
axr.loglog(freq, diffs[name], label=name)
axr.loglog(freq, frac, label=name)
axr.axhline(y=max(frac), color='r', linestyle='--')
# ax.set_title(name)
axr.text(max(freq)+4000, max(frac), '{:.1f}%'.format(max(frac)*100),
horizontalalignment='left', verticalalignment='center',
axl.set_xlabel("frequency [Hz]")
axr.set_xlabel("frequency [Hz]")
plt.suptitle("noises that differ by more than 1% [(mat-py)/py]")
plt.suptitle("""{} mat/py gwinc noise comparison
Noises that differ by more than {}% [(mat-py)/py]""".format(args.IFO, FRACTIONAL_TOLERANCE*100))
plt.gcf().set_size_inches(11, 20)
plt.gcf().set_size_inches(11, len(diffs)*4)
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