Commit caca029e authored by Christopher Wipf's avatar Christopher Wipf

.gitlab-ci.yml: relax testing tolerance for A+

parent 397412c8
Pipeline #28836 passed with stages
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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ test:
- python3 -m gwinc A+ -s A+.png
- python3 -m gwinc Voyager -s Voyager.png
- python3 -m gwinc.test aLIGO -t 10e-6 -k Seismic -k "Substrate Thermo-Elastic" -p -s aLIGO_test.png
- python3 -m gwinc.test -t 10e-6 -k Seismic -k "Substrate Thermo-Elastic" A+ -p -s A+_test.png
- python3 -m gwinc.test -t 100e-6 -k Seismic -k "Substrate Thermo-Elastic" A+ -p -s A+_test.png
- rm gitID.txt
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