Commit 0eed6910 authored by James Clark's avatar James Clark
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correcting kwargs

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......@@ -332,7 +332,8 @@ def add_files(aparser):
except AttributeError:
inject_data(aparser.rset, rset, rse_info, aparser.dry_run)
inject_data(aparser.rset, rset, rse_info,
allow_uploads=aparser.allow_uploads, dry_run=aparser.dry_run)
return SUCCESS
......@@ -411,7 +412,9 @@ def daemon(aparser):"%s: looking for new data", rset)
# Inject each rset (ignores pre-registered files)
inject_data(rset, rsets[rset], rse_info, aparser.dry_run)
inject_data(rset, rsets[rset], rse_info,
# Disable force check-cache after initial read
force_check_cache = False
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