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......@@ -128,6 +128,7 @@ class DatasetInjector(object):
files = data['filelist'][:]
# Get dictionary of files and metadata to register
if not force_checksums:"Checking how many of %d files already registered",
......@@ -147,20 +148,19 @@ class DatasetInjector(object):
self.items_to_upload = list()
for path in files:
item = dict()
item['path'] = path
item['rse'] = self.rse
item['did_scope'] = self.scope
item['did_name'] = os.path.basename(path)
item['dataset_scope'] = self.scope
item['dataset_name'] = self.dataset_name
item['force_scheme'] = None
item['no_register'] = False
item['register_after_upload'] = True
item['lifetime'] = self.lifetime
item['transfer_timeout'] = self.transfer_timeout
item['guid'] = str(uuid.uuid4())
{'path': path,
'rse': self.rse,
'did_scope': self.scope,
'did_name': os.path.basename(path),
'dataset_scope': self.scope,
'dataset_name': self.dataset_name,
'force_scheme': None,
'no_register': False,
'register_after_upload': True,
'lifetime': self.lifetime,
'transfer_timeout': self.transfer_timeout,
'guid': str(uuid.uuid4())})
def reduce_file_list(self, files):
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