Commit 947bfc3a authored by James Clark's avatar James Clark
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add-files now uses file list, not shell-expanded file list

parent 0eed6910
......@@ -317,14 +317,20 @@ def add_files(aparser):
rse_info = rsemgr.get_rse_info(aparser.rse)
LOGGER.debug('connection took %fs', (time.time() - then))"Rset contains: %s", ','.join(aparser.files))
with open(aparser.files[0]) as afiles:
filelist =
if len(filelist)<11:"Rset contains: %s", ','.join(filelist))
else:"1st 10 files of Rset: %s", ','.join(filelist[:10]))
# Get registration set instructions
rsets = get_rsets(aparser.reg_yaml)
rset = rsets[aparser.rset]
# Add the file list to the rset
rset['filelist'] = list(aparser.files)
rset['filelist'] = list(filelist)
# Add a file-info file:
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