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      Back to development · e3b347d4
      Min-A Cho authored
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      Updated CHANGES.md · 95b79029
      Min-A Cho authored
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      Update changelog for version 0.0.14 · 00d27600
      Min-A Cho authored
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      Add template for retraction; Fixes #13 · 8738ffa2
      Soichiro Morisaki authored
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      Rename template files to .jinja2 suffix · 0bea0d72
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      This change makes it so that PyCharm enables Jinja2 syntax
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      Adopt Chromium's Jinja style guide · 31cee199
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      I get really confused by Jinja's whitespace treatment and when to
      use `{%- -%}`. Perhaps adopting some uniform Jinja style guidelines
      could help. The closest thing to a Jinja "best practices" document
      that I could find is this style guide from the Chromium project:
      Take a look. I think it makes the templates more readable.
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      Factor macros into a separate template file · 5079a1cc
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      The macros definitions distract from the body of the circular.
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      Revamp test data I/O · 1eec50e2
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      * Cache the LALInference FITS file. Why not? It speeds up the test.
      * Move imports to module level.
      * Use the builtin function `open()` instead of `io.open()`.
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      Reword p_astro paragraph for terseness · f849f5e5
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      Reword the p_astro statement to improve terseness, use an
      apporpriate number of digits, and keep it near the closely
      related em_bright paragraph.
      Note that I added a macro to render very high probabilities as
      ">99%" and very low probabilities as "<1%", which is now used
      in both the p_astro and the em_bright paragraphs.
      The text was:
          The categorical astrophysical probabilities for the candidate
          event as computed by the P_astro pipeline are:
           BNS probability: 0.8593197490253501
           BBH probability: 0.0
           NSBH probability: 0.0
           Terrestrial probability: 0.1406802509746499
      The text is now:
          The classification of the signal, in order of descending confidence,
          is BNS (78%), terrestrial (22%), BBH (<1%), or NSBH (<1%).
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      Back to development. · c37a71ae
      Min-A Cho authored
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      Back to development. · ff4e0eca
      Min-A Cho authored
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      Reword ProbHasRemnant text to avoid misinterpretation · b6b8417d
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      The original text was, `Additionally, the pipeline found
      there is (some level of evidence for or against) matter outside the
      final compact object.`
      This was problematic for two reasons. First, `the pipeline`
      (meaning the em_bright pipeline) was never introduced, so it gave
      the mistaken impression that the inference came from the detection
      pipeline. Second, without explaining that the inference relied only
      on the mass and spin parameters, it may have mislead the reader to
      think that our signal contained evidence for tidal or other matter
      The text now reads, `Assuming this neutron star equation of state
      and the masses and spins inferred from the signal, there is (some
      level of evidence for or against) matter outside the final compact
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      Fix missing sky map paragraph · e667447d
      Leo Pound Singer authored