Commit 980328a1 authored by Tanner Prestegard's avatar Tanner Prestegard Committed by gracedb-dev1
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fixing failover to lvalert_send

parent 28536b38
import os
import sys
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT
......@@ -303,16 +304,6 @@ def issueXMPPAlert(event, location, alert_type="new", description="", serialized
log.debug('issueXMPPAlert: %s' % event.graceid())
# XXX We no longer check the XMPP_ALERT_CHANNELS list.
# If somebody sends an event, there should always be an alert.
# It is up to the end users to filter these out as desired.
# if nodename not in settings.XMPP_ALERT_CHANNELS:
# log.debug("issueXMPPAlert: did not send alert")
# return
env = {}
env["PYTHONPATH"] = ":".join(sys.path)
# Create the output dictionary and serialize as JSON.
lva_data = {
'file': location,
......@@ -355,27 +346,26 @@ def issueXMPPAlert(event, location, alert_type="new", description="", serialized
# Not using LVAlert overseer, so just log the node and server"issueXMPPAlert: sending to node %s on %s" % (nodename, server))
null = open('/dev/null','w')
# Set up environment for running lvalert_send script
env = os.environ.copy()
# Construct lvalert_send command
p = Popen(
#"--server=%s" % settings.ALERT_XMPP_SERVER,
"--server=%s" % server,
"--node=%s" % nodename,
# Send lvalert message to subprocess
out, err = p.communicate(msg)
log.debug("issueXMPPAlert: return code %s" % p.returncode)
log.debug("issueXMPPAlert: lvalert_send: return code %s" % p.returncode)
if p.returncode > 0:
# XXX This should probably raise an exception.
log.debug("issueXMPPAlert: ERROR: %s" % err)
log.error("issueXMPPAlert: ERROR: %s" % err)
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