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Merge branch 'feature/sql' into 'master'

Add SQL noise type

It's sometimes helpful to have an SQL noise curve on noise budgets.

See merge request gwinc/pygwinc!73
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......@@ -184,6 +184,20 @@ class QuantumVacuum(nb.Noise):
return noise.quantum.shotrad(self.freq, self.ifo)
class StandardQuantumLimit(nb.Noise):
"""Standard Quantum Limit
style = dict(
label="Standard Quantum Limit",
linestyle=":", # Dotted.
def calc(self):
return 8 * const.hbar / (self.ifo.Materials.MirrorMass * (2 * np.pi * self.freq) ** 2)
class Seismic(nb.Noise):
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