Commit 594c1b2b authored by Kipp Cannon's avatar Kipp Cannon
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lal.cache: remove fall-back to glue

- ligo.lw is now a dependency, guaranteed available
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......@@ -317,12 +317,7 @@ class CacheEntry(object):
# the import has to be done here to break the cyclic
# dependancy
from ligo.lw.lsctables import instrumentsproperty
except ImportError:
# FIXME: remove when we can rely on ligo.lw being installed
# (why isn't it!?)
from glue.ligolw.lsctables import instrumentsproperty
from ligo.lw.lsctables import instrumentsproperty
instruments = instrumentsproperty.get(self.observatory) or (None,)
return segments.segmentlistdict((instrument, segments.segmentlist(self.segment is not None and [self.segment] or [])) for instrument in instruments)
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