1. 03 Sep, 2021 1 commit
  2. 29 Aug, 2021 1 commit
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      snglcoinc.py: fix another newly introduced bug · c158b236
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - either the bug fix for the missing triples in the string search, or the bug fix to fix the new bugs that bug fix introduced, introduced another bug that wasn't detected until now:  the union of the "unused singles" sets returned from the doubles generator contained the complete set of unused singles, but the specific set returned on each call didn't correspond to the correct time range and so a few singles were being discarded.  this patch fixes.
      - this patch fixes it, and, happily, gives a small performance boost
  3. 27 Aug, 2021 2 commits
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  5. 25 Aug, 2021 6 commits
    • Adam Mercer's avatar
      Merge branch 'snglcoinc_work' into 'master' · dda420b7
      Adam Mercer authored
      snglcoinc.py:  fix new bugs in coincidence code
      See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!1667
    • Kipp Cannon's avatar
      snglcoinc.TimeSlideGraphNode: performance improvement · 56fe1326
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - replace the "union of all pair-wise intersections" step in the partial coincs construction with a "count occurrences" approach.  breaks even, performance wise, for small networks, but will scale better to 4 and more networks.
    • Kipp Cannon's avatar
      snglcoinc.coincgen_doubles: performance improvements · 98d0e608
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - reduce the number of symbols created by the inner loop to reduce Python object create/delete operations
    • Kipp Cannon's avatar
      snglcoinc.singlesqueue: performance improvements · d087d5e1
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - testing shows that the two-queue approach is slower than a single queue even though that costs redundant sorts.
    • Kipp Cannon's avatar
      snglcoinc: improve performance · 6ff62a10
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - after benchmarking tests, the new singles flushing implementation has
        been found to be more efficient than the previous one, so this patch
        makes the conversion permanent by removing the unused code from the old
    • Kipp Cannon's avatar
      snglcoinc.py: fix new bugs in coincidence code · ce2d6f51
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - recent changes to fix bugs in the coincidence engine introduced new ones.  this fixes them.
      - the first bug is that subsets of the triggers in a coincident candidate can be reported a second time on occasion, because after their partner is flushed they appear to be a new candidate with a new reference time.
      - the second bug is that single triggers are not flushed from the queues for different time slides at the same time, leading to them being recorded more than once in the trigger list
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