1. 05 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      Switch from distutils to setuptools to fix namespace package issues · 565bb887
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      Distutils and setuptools projects that populate the same namespace
      package do not play well together. Setuptools is smart enough to
      skip installation of the namespace package's dummy __init__.py file
      and its ancillary .pyc or __pycache__ files, but distutils is not.
      Distutils projects that use namespace packages are likely to disrupt
      package managers that protect against two packages trying to install
      the same files.
      It is relatively rare these days to find Python projects that use
      distutils directly rather than setuptools. In fact, the official
      Python standard library documentation for distutils
      (https://docs.python.org/3/library/distutils.html) says:
      > Most Python users will not want to use this module directly, but
      > instead use the cross-version tools maintained by the Python
      > Packaging Authority.
      Switching python-ligo-lw from distutils to setuptools simplifies
      software packaging.
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      Make glue and lal Recommended, but not hard dependencies · 39252590
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      lal is used only for LIGOTimeGPS, and the import is at the point of
      use and not at module level. glue is used to provide old ILWD format
      support, and glue imports are guarded by if statements. The basic
      functionality of python-ligo-lw is still present if lal and glue are
      missing, so it is appopriate to describe the relationship using
      `Recommends` rather than `Depends`.
      On the other hand, LALSuite uses glue pervasively, so LALSuite must
      Depend on python-ligo-lw.
      This breaks the circular dependency that was a problem in
  8. 06 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Replace glue.text_progress_bar with tqdm · 55b22515
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      Glue is not being actively maintained. Tqdm is a very popular and
      lightweight progress bar and is nicer than the one in glue anyway.
      So many packages use tqdm that the user is likely to already have
      it on their system.
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