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Add update_grbevent method

Add update_grbevent method to Used for
updating parameters of GRB events.
parent 2cf6f664
......@@ -1012,6 +1012,66 @@ class GraceDb(GsiRest):
files=[('eventFile', filename, filecontents)]
def update_grbevent(self, graceid, ra=None, dec=None, error_radius=None,
t90=None, redshift=None, designation=None):
"""Update a GRB event's parameters.
This method only works on GRB events; i.e., External or Test events
whose search is specified as 'GRB'.
Only LIGO/Virgo users with permission to update GRB events will be
able to utilize this method.
graceid (str): GraceDB ID of the existing event
ra (:obj:`float`, optional): right ascension (degrees)
dec (:obj:`float`, optional): declination (degrees)
error_radius (:obj:`float`, optional): uncertainty in position
as statistical ~1-sigma error radius from the reported right
ascension and declination (degrees)
t90 (:obj:`float`, optional): duration of the event in which 90%
of the gamma-ray burst fluence was accumulated (seconds)
redshift (:obj:`float`, optional): redshift
designation (:obj:`str`, optional): name of the event, typically
reported in GRByymmddx (where x is null, 'A', or 'B') or
GRByymmddfff format, where fff is the three-digit fraction
of the day
ligo.gracedb.exceptions.HTTPError: if the response has a status
code >= 400.
>>> g = GraceDb()
>>> r = g.update_grbevent('E274955', redshift=2.33, ra=135.91)
>>> r.status
""" # noqa: W605
# Make sure that at least one parameter is provided
if not (ra or dec or error_radius or t90 or redshift or designation):
raise ValueError('Provide at least one of ra, dec, error_radius, '
't90, redshift, or designation')
request_body = {}
if ra is not None:
request_body['ra'] = ra
if dec is not None:
request_body['dec'] = dec
if error_radius is not None:
request_body['error_radius'] = error_radius
if t90 is not None:
request_body['t90'] = t90
if redshift is not None:
request_body['redshift'] = redshift
if designation is not None:
request_body['designation'] = designation
template = self.templates['update-grbevent-template']
uri = template.format(graceid=graceid)
return self.patch(uri, body=request_body)
def event(self, graceid):
"""Get information about an individual event.
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