implementing superevents() method

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......@@ -876,31 +876,60 @@ class GraceDb(GsiRest):
return self.get(self.templates['superevent-detail-template'].format(
def superevents(self, query=None, orderby=None, count=None, columns=None):
def superevents(self, query='', orderby=[], count=None, columns=[]):
Get an iterator of superevents in response to a query.
query: query string for filtering superevents (same as on the
web interface)
orderby: list of strings corresponding to attribute(s) of the
superevents used to order the results (optional).
Available options: created, t_start, t_0, t_end, is_gw,
id, preferred_event. Default is ascending order, but
prefix any option with "-" to apply descending order.
count: each generator iteration will yield this many objects
(optional; default determined by the server)
columns: which attributes of the superevents to return
(default: all).
>>> g = GraceDb()
>>> for s in g.superevents(query='is_gw=True', orderby=['-preferred_event'], columns='superevent_id,events'):
... print(s['superevent_id'])
raise NotImplementedError("TBD")
#uri = self.links['superevents']
#qdict = {}
#if query: qdict['query'] = query
#if count: qdict['count'] = count
#if orderby: qdict['orderby'] = orderby
#if columns: qdict['columns'] = columns
#if qdict:
# uri += "?" + urllib.urlencode(qdict)
#while uri:
# response = self.get(uri).json()
# print(uri)
# print(response)
# events = response.get('events',[])
# print(events)
# uri = response.get('links',{}).get('next')
# print(uri)
# for event in events:
# yield event
# If columns is a comma-separated string, split it to a list
if isinstance(columns, six.string_types):
columns = columns.split(',')
# If orderby is a list (should be), convert it to a comma-separated
# string (that's what the server expects)
if isinstance(orderby, list):
orderby = ",".join(orderby)
# Get URI
uri = self.links['superevents']
# Compile URL parameters
qdict = {}
if query: qdict['query'] = query
if count: qdict['count'] = count
if orderby: qdict['sort'] = orderby
if qdict:
uri += "?" + urlencode(qdict)
# Get superevent information and construct a generator
while uri:
response = self.get(uri).json()
superevents = response.get('superevents',[])
uri = response.get('links',{}).get('next')
for superevent in superevents:
# If columns are specified, only return specific values
if columns:
yield {k: superevent[k] for k in columns}
yield superevent
def files(self, object_id, filename="", *args, **kwargs):
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