Commit a49947bf authored by Leo Pound Singer's avatar Leo Pound Singer Committed by Leo Pound Singer
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Remove request to priming URL

The priming URL request does not seem to be required for
authentication. Removing it speeds up every GraceDB POST
request by 300-400 ms.
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......@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@ class GsiRest(object):
return response
def request(self, method, url, body=None, headers=None, priming_url=None):
def request(self, method, url, body=None, headers=None):
# Bug in Python (versions < 2.7.1 (?))
# if the URL is unicode and the body of a request is binary,
......@@ -443,7 +443,6 @@ class GsiRest(object):
# This is probably bad in general,
# but for our purposes, today, this will do.
url = url and str(url)
priming_url = priming_url and str(priming_url)
headers = headers or {}
conn = self.getConnection()
......@@ -454,19 +453,6 @@ class GsiRest(object):
if (self.auth_type == 'basic'):
# Set up priming URL for certain requests using X509 auth
if (self.auth_type == 'x509' and priming_url):
priming_header = {'connection': 'keep-alive'}
response = self.make_request_and_get_response(
conn, "GET", priming_url, headers=priming_header
if response.status != 200:
response = self.adjustResponse(response)
# Throw away the response and make sure to read the body.
response =
response = self.make_request_and_get_response(
conn, method, url, body=body, headers=headers
......@@ -811,12 +797,6 @@ class GraceDb(GsiRest):
"""List of available signoff statuses on the server."""
return self.service_info.get('signoff-statuses')
def request(self, method, url, body=None, headers=None, priming_url=None):
if (method.upper() in ['POST', 'PUT'] and self.auth_type == 'x509'):
priming_url = self._service_url
return super(GraceDb, self).request(
method, url, body, headers, priming_url)
def _getCode(self, input_value, code_dict):
Check if input is valid and return coded version if it is
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