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more descriptive notes for localVars settings

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......@@ -4,16 +4,24 @@
$callDB = "osl_production";
$SETTING_DB_HOST = "localhost";
// read-write MySQL/MariaDB user account
$SETTING_DB_USER = "osl_production";
$SETTING_DB_PASSWORD = "really_secure_password";
// read-only MySQL/MariaDB user account
// used for all queries when REMOTE_USER is empty (not logged in)
// should be granted only SELECT on $callDB.* tables
$SETTING_DB_READONLY_USER = "osl_readonly";
$SETTING_DB_READONLY_PASSWORD = "OTHER_really_secure_password";
// displayed above the text entry box on the report draft screen
// HTML may be used in this variable as it is echo'ed directly into the page
// example usage: reminding reporters about posting policy
$editorNote = "";
// big on/off switch for L-Mail
// FALSE: no mail
// TRUE: send mail for L-Mail subscriptions
$sendLMail = FALSE;
// array log usernames that will be considered as automated-posting
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