Commit 20c3f6e0 authored by Katerina Chatziioannou's avatar Katerina Chatziioannou
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use existing functions for wavelet SNR

parent 2cbf058b
......@@ -174,7 +174,9 @@ void draw_signal_amplitude(double *params, double *Snf, gsl_rng *seed, double To
//SNR defined with Sn(f) but Snf array holdes <n_i^2>
params[3] = SNR/sqrt((params[2]/(2.0*RT2PI*params[1]))/(Snf[i]*2.0/Tobs));
//params[3] = SNR/sqrt((params[2]/(2.0*RT2PI*params[1]))/(Snf[i]*2.0/Tobs));
params[3] *= SNR/SineGaussianSNR(params, Snf, Tobs);
// FILE *temp=fopen("prior.dat","a");
// fprintf(temp,"%lg\n",params[3]);
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