Commit a723fef4 authored by Tyson Littenberg's avatar Tyson Littenberg

fixed SNRmin and SNRmax in glitch amplitude draw

parent 6f55330f
......@@ -69,9 +69,8 @@ void draw_glitch_amplitude(double *params, double *Snf, gsl_rng *seed, double To
invmax = 1./max;
i = (int)(params[1]*Tobs);
double SNRmin = range[3][0]*SineGaussianSNR(params, Snf, Tobs);
double SNRmax = range[3][1]*SineGaussianSNR(params, Snf, Tobs);
double SNRmin = (range[3][0]/params[3])*SineGaussianSNR(params, Snf, Tobs);
double SNRmax = (range[3][1]/params[3])*SineGaussianSNR(params, Snf, Tobs);
k = 0;
SNR = SNRmin + (SNRmax-SNRmin)*uniform_draw(seed);
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