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Commit 4358f506 authored by Tyson Littenberg's avatar Tyson Littenberg

Merge branch 'psd_priors' into 'master'

widen spline amplitude priors

See merge request lscsoft/bayeswave!70
parents a43f7baa 3c817833
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ void set_bayesline_priors(char *channel, struct BayesLineParams *bayesline, doub
//Use O1 strain as default
bayesline->priors->SAmin = 5.0e-48*Tobs/4.0;
bayesline->priors->SAmin = 1.0e-51*Tobs/4.0;
bayesline->priors->SAmax = 5.0e-36*Tobs/4.0;
bayesline->priors->LQmin = 1.0e1;
bayesline->priors->LQmax = 1.0e7;
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