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Added and updated some docstrings

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......@@ -150,21 +150,34 @@ class Result(dict):
"following message:\n {} \n\n".format(e))
def save_posterior_samples(self):
"""Saves posterior samples to a file"""
filename = '{}/{}_posterior_samples.txt'.format(self.outdir, self.label)
self.posterior.to_csv(filename, index=False, header=True)
def get_latex_labels_from_parameter_keys(self, keys):
return_list = []
""" Returns a list of latex_labels corresponding to the given keys
keys: list
List of strings corresponding to the desired latex_labels
list: The desired latex_labels
latex_labels = []
for k in keys:
if k in self.search_parameter_keys:
idx = self.search_parameter_keys.index(k)
elif k in self.parameter_labels:
raise ValueError('key {} not a parameter label or latex label'
return return_list
return latex_labels
def plot_corner(self, parameters=None, save=True, dpi=300, **kwargs):
""" Plot a corner-plot using corner
......@@ -173,10 +186,12 @@ class Result(dict):
parameters: list
parameters: list, optional
If given, a list of the parameter names to include
save: bool
save: bool, optional
If true, save the image using the given label and outdir
dpi: int, optional
Dots per inch resolution of the plot
Other keyword arguments are passed to `corner.corner`. We set some
defaults to improve the basic look and feel, but these can all be
......@@ -234,13 +249,11 @@ class Result(dict):
return fig
def plot_walks(self, save=True, **kwargs):
logging.warning("plot_walks deprecated")
def plot_distributions(self, save=True, **kwargs):
logging.warning("plot_distributions deprecated")
def samples_to_posterior(self, likelihood=None, priors=None,
......@@ -250,11 +263,11 @@ class Result(dict):
likelihood: tupak.likelihood.GravitationalWaveTransient
GravitationalWaveTransient used for sampling.
priors: dict
likelihood: tupak.likelihood.GravitationalWaveTransient, optional
GravitationalWaveTransient likelihood used for sampling.
priors: dict, optional
Dictionary of prior object, used to fill in delta function priors.
conversion_function: function
conversion_function: function, optional
Function which adds in extra parameters to the data frame,
should take the data_frame, likelihood and prior as arguments.
......@@ -265,11 +278,7 @@ class Result(dict):
self.posterior = data_frame
def construct_cbc_derived_parameters(self):
Construct widely used derived parameters of CBCs
""" Construct widely used derived parameters of CBCs """
self.posterior['mass_chirp'] = (self.posterior.mass_1 * self.posterior.mass_2) ** 0.6 / (
self.posterior.mass_1 + self.posterior.mass_2) ** 0.2
self.posterior['q'] = self.posterior.mass_2 / self.posterior.mass_1
......@@ -284,7 +293,20 @@ class Result(dict):
* self.posterior.a_2 * np.sin(self.posterior.tilt_2))
def check_attribute_match_to_other_object(self, name, other_object):
""" Check attribute name exists in other_object and is the same """
""" Check attribute name exists in other_object and is the same
name: str
Name of the attribute in this instance
other_object: object
Other object with attributes to compare with
bool: True if attribute name matches with an attribute of other_object, False otherwise
A = getattr(self, name, False)
B = getattr(other_object, name, False)
logging.debug('Checking {} value: {}=={}'.format(name, A, B))
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