Commit 3854531b authored by MoritzThomasHuebner's avatar MoritzThomasHuebner
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Reverted distance_prior_array to be a public attribute again.

parent 7ec48a2a
......@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@ class GravitationalWaveTransient(likelihood.Likelihood):
def _create_lookup_table(self):
""" Make the lookup table """
self.distance_prior_array = np.array([self.prior['luminosity_distance'].prob(distance)
for distance in self.distance_array])
for distance in self._distance_array])
self._dist_margd_loglikelihood_array = np.zeros((400, 800))
for ii, rho_opt_ref in enumerate(self._rho_opt_ref_array):
for jj, rho_mf_ref in enumerate(self._rho_mf_ref_array):
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