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Tutorial to demonstrate how to specify the prior distributions used for parameter estimation.
from __future__ import division, print_function
import tupak
import numpy as np
time_duration = 4.
sampling_frequency = 2048.
outdir = 'outdir'
injection_parameters = dict(mass_1=36., mass_2=29., a_1=0.4, a_2=0.3, tilt_1=0.5, tilt_2=1.0, phi_12=1.7, phi_jl=0.3,
luminosity_distance=4000., iota=0.4, psi=2.659, phase=1.3, geocent_time=1126259642.413,
waveform_approximant='IMRPhenomPv2', reference_frequency=50., ra=1.375, dec=-1.2108)
# Create the waveform_generator using a LAL BinaryBlackHole source function
waveform_generator = tupak.waveform_generator.WaveformGenerator(
sampling_frequency=sampling_frequency, time_duration=time_duration,
hf_signal = waveform_generator.frequency_domain_strain()
# Set up interferometers.
IFOs = [tupak.detector.get_interferometer_with_fake_noise_and_injection(
name, injection_polarizations=hf_signal, injection_parameters=injection_parameters, time_duration=time_duration,
sampling_frequency=sampling_frequency, outdir=outdir) for name in ['H1', 'L1', 'V1']]
# Set up prior
priors = dict()
# These parameters will not be sampled
for key in ['tilt_1', 'tilt_2', 'phi_12', 'phi_jl', 'phase', 'iota', 'ra', 'dec', 'geocent_time', 'psi']:
priors[key] = injection_parameters[key]
# We can assign a default prior distribution, note this only works for certain parameters.
priors['mass_1'] = tupak.prior.create_default_prior(name='mass_1')
# We can make uniform distributions.
priors['mass_2'] = tupak.prior.Uniform(name='mass_2', minimum=20, maximum=40)
# We can load a prior distribution from a file, e.g., a uniform in comoving volume distribution.
# If no path is given it will look in it's directory of known distributions.
# Note: that this file is used for the default prior distribution for distance.
# Also note: this special case is coded in as tupak.prior.UniformComovingVolume.
priors['luminosity_distance'] = tupak.prior.FromFile('comoving.txt', name='luminosity_distance',
minimum=1e3, maximum=5e3)
# We can make a power-law distribution, p(x) ~ x^{alpha}
# Note: alpha=0 is a uniform distribution, alpha=-1 is uniform-in-log
priors['a_1'] = tupak.prior.PowerLaw(name='a_1', alpha=-1, minimum=1e-2, maximum=1)
# We can define a prior from an array as follows.
# Note: this doesn't have to be properly normalised.
a_2 = np.linspace(0, 1, 1001)
p_a_2 = a_2 ** 4
priors['a_2'] = tupak.prior.Interped(name='a_2', xx=a_2, yy=p_a_2, minimum=0, maximum=0.5)
# Additionally, we have Gaussian, TruncatedGaussian, Sine and Cosine.
# Finally, if you don't specify any necessary parameters it will be filled in from the default when the sampler starts.
# Enjoy.
# Initialise Likelihood
likelihood = tupak.likelihood.Likelihood(interferometers=IFOs, waveform_generator=waveform_generator)
# Run sampler
result = tupak.sampler.run_sampler(likelihood=likelihood, priors=priors, sampler='dynesty',
injection_parameters=injection_parameters, outdir=outdir, label='specify_prior')
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