Commit c1ff1aee authored by moritz's avatar moritz
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Moritz Huebner:

Simplified the waveform generator:
* renamed 'parameter_keys' -> 'parameters'
* WaveformGenerator instances no longer have all the simulation parameters attached. They are now all contained in a single dict called 'parameters'
* parameters does not require complicated setting rules
* frequency_domain_strain() no longer requires lambda expression, parameters are now stored in the 'parameters' container
* Changed the set_values(dictionary) syntax a bit
parent 3311888b
......@@ -27,7 +27,9 @@ class WaveformGenerator(object):
self.time_duration = time_duration
self.sampling_frequency = sampling_frequency
self.source_model = source_model
self.parameter_keys = inspect.getargspec(source_model).args
keys = inspect.getargspec(source_model).args
self.parameters = dict.fromkeys(keys)
def frequency_array(self):
......@@ -37,29 +39,15 @@ class WaveformGenerator(object):
def time_array(self):
return peyote.utils.create_time_series(self.sampling_frequency, self.time_duration)
def parameter_keys(self):
return self.__parameter_keys
def parameter_keys(self, parameter_keys):
self.__parameter_keys = copy.copy(parameter_keys)
for a in self.__parameter_keys:
if hasattr(self, a):
setattr(self, a, None)
def frequency_domain_strain(self):
""" Wrapper to source_model """
kwargs = {k: self.__dict__[k] for k in self.parameter_keys}
return self.source_model(self.frequency_array, **kwargs)
return self.source_model(self.frequency_array, **self.parameters)
def set_values(self, dictionary):
""" Given a dictionary of values, set the class attributes """
for k in self.parameter_keys:
setattr(self, k, dictionary[k])
except KeyError:
raise KeyError(
'The provided dictionary did not contain key {}'.format(k))
for key in self.parameters.keys():
if key in dictionary.keys():
self.parameters[key] = dictionary[key]
raise KeyError('The provided dictionary did not contain key {}'.format(key))
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