Commit 006cec0a authored by Colm Talbot's avatar Colm Talbot

Change distance marginalisation interpolation order

parent bfdbdd3a
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......@@ -564,17 +564,13 @@ class GravitationalWaveTransient(likelihood.Likelihood):
self._interp_dist_margd_loglikelihood = UnsortedInterp2d(
self._d_inner_h_ref_array, self._optimal_snr_squared_ref_array,
self._dist_margd_loglikelihood_array, kind='cubic')
def cached_lookup_table_filename(self):
if self._lookup_table_filename is None:
dmin = self._distance_array[0]
dmax = self._distance_array[-1]
n = len(self._distance_array)
self._lookup_table_filename = (
.format(dmin, dmax, n))
return self._lookup_table_filename
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