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Merge branch 'version-0.5.2' into 'master'

Version 0.5.2 release

See merge request !530
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......@@ -9,6 +9,21 @@
### Removed
## [0.5.2] 2019-06-18
### Added
- Method to read data in using gwpy get (and associated example)
- Adds a catch for broken resume files with improves reporting
### Changed
- Updated and fixed bugs in examples
- Resolve sampling time persistence for runs which are interupted
- Improvements to the PP plot
- Speed up of the distance calculation
- Fixed a bug in the inteference of bilby command line arguments with user specified command lines
- Generalised the consistency checks for ResultLists
- Fixes to some tests
- Makes the parameter conversion a static method rather than a lambda expression
## [0.5.1] 2019-06-05
### Added
- Option for the GraceDB service URL
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ def readfile(filename):
return filecontents
VERSION = '0.5.1'
VERSION = '0.5.2'
version_file = write_version_file(VERSION)
long_description = get_long_description()
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