Commit 44b3f2ce authored by Shanika Galaudage's avatar Shanika Galaudage
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Revert "Merge branch 'update_pe_nodes' into 'master'"

This reverts merge request !292
parent 78193e53
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......@@ -491,8 +491,8 @@ class Node(object):
self.extra_lines.append("accounting_group = {}".format(self.inputs.accounting))
if self.online_pe:
self.extra_lines.append("+Online_PE = True")
self.requirements.append("((TARGET.Online_PE =?= True))")
self.extra_lines.append("+Online_CBC_PE_Daily = True")
self.requirements.append("((TARGET.Online_CBC_PE_Daily =?= True))")
if self.universe != "local" and self.inputs.osg:
_osg_lines, _osg_reqs = self._osg_submit_options(
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