Commit 67934c1e authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton

Fix the OSG additions, add analysis-exectutable

parent 6265ab89
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......@@ -92,14 +92,13 @@ class Node(object):
self.requirements.append("((TARGET.Online_CBC_PE_Daily =?= True))")
if self.universe != "local" and self.inputs.osg:
_osg_lines, _osg_reqs = self._osg_submit_options(
self.executable, has_ligo_frames=True
# Extra lines for nodes which run locally on the OSG
if self.run_node_on_osg is False:
if self.run_node_on_osg:
_osg_lines, _osg_reqs = self._osg_submit_options(
self.executable, has_ligo_frames=True
osg_local_node_lines = [
"+flock_local = True",
'+DESIRED_Sites = "nogrid"',
......@@ -59,10 +59,12 @@ class AnalysisNode(Node):
def executable(self):
if self.inputs.use_mpi:
if self.inputs.analysis_executable:
return self._get_executable_path(self.inputs.analysis_executable)
elif self.inputs.use_mpi:
return self._get_executable_path("mpiexec")
return self._get_executable_path("bilby_pipe_analysis")
return self._get_executable_path("bilby_pipe_analysis")
def request_memory(self):
......@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ class MainInput(Input):
self.n_parallel = args.n_parallel
self.transfer_files = args.transfer_files
self.osg = args.osg
self.analysis_executable = args.analysis_executable
self.webdir = args.webdir =
......@@ -531,6 +531,16 @@ def create_parser(top_level=True):
help="If true, format condor submission for running on OSG, default is False",
"Path to an executable to replace bilby_pipe_analysis, be aware"
" that this executable will pass the complete ini file (in the"
" outdir.)"
likelihood_parser = parser.add_argument_group(
title="Likelihood arguments",
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
The Open Science Grid
The `Open Science Grid <>` (OSG), is an ideal
The `Open Science Grid <>`_ (OSG), is an ideal
resource for large-scale non-time-senstive analyses. :code`bilby_pipe` provides
a simple interface to enable jobs to be submitted through the OSG.
......@@ -19,3 +19,6 @@ Then submit usual :code:`bilby_pipe` jobs, but with the flat
osg = True
In your configuration (ini) files.
.. note::
When running on the OSG, the software you run needs to be available on the compute nodes. This is most easily done by using the `IGWN conda distribution available through cvmfs <>`_. We do not support access to arbitrary software installations across the OSG. For testing, you may find it useful to use the:code:`analysis-executable` to point to the cvmfs-installed :code:`bilby_pipe_analysis` executable.
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