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Please read this!
Before opening a new issue, make sure to search for keywords in the issues filtered by the `bug` label
and verify the issue you're about to submit isn't a duplicate.
### Summary
(Summarize the bug encountered concisely)
### Steps to reproduce
(How one can reproduce the issue - this is very important)
### Environment
<summary>Environment (<code>conda list</code>):</summary>
$ conda list
<summary>Details about <code>conda</code> and system ( <code>conda info</code> ):</summary>
$ conda info
### What is the current *bug* behavior?
(What actually happens)
### What is the expected *correct* behavior?
(What you should see instead)
### Possible fixes
(If you can, link to the line of code that might be responsible for the problem)
/label ~bug
Please complete this form as fully as you can, so that your request can be evaluated in a timely manner.
The following restrictions will be placed on all requests:
- the package is available (with the same name) on both Linux and macOS
- the package must be available on the conda-forge conda channel
#### Details
- **Package name:** <!-- insert package name -->
- **Version:** <!-- insert specific package version -->
#### Description
Insert reasoning for request here
In particular, include a description of the requested package, and why is is required.
Please also try and detail what downstream packages/groups may be impacted by your request, either negatively or positively.
**If this is a package update request, please link to the relase notes or changelog for the updated version**
#### Python versions
Please select the Python versions appropriate for this package (deselect those that are not required):
- [x] 2.7
- [x] 3.6
- [x] 3.7
#### Request type
Please select all of the following that apply:
- [ ] this is a new package
- [ ] this is a backwards-compatible update
- [ ] this is a backwards-incompatible update [API/ABI changes]
/label ~request
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@ more useful hints.
If you would like to improve LSCSoft Conda, simply add a package
to the conda-forge channel, then
`open a ticket <>`_
to ask that it gets included in one of the environments.
If you would like to improve LSCSoft Conda, please consider one of the
following actions:
- `Report a problem <>`_
- `Request a new/updated package <>`_
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