Commit 1b76f46e authored by Tanner Prestegard's avatar Tanner Prestegard Committed by GraceDB

alerts: add unit tests for new label query parser

parent 7ab8787a
from unittest import mock
except ImportError: # python < 3
import mock
import string
import pytest
from alerts.utils import get_label_query_parser
# NOTE: list('ABC') == ['A', 'B', 'C']
(['A'], 'A & B', False),
(['A', 'B'], 'A & B', True),
(['A', 'B'], '~B', False),
(['A', 'B'], '~B', False),
(['A', 'B'], '~B', False),
(list('ABC'), 'A & B', True),
(['C'], 'A & B | C', True),
(['C'], '~C | B', False),
(list('ABCD'), 'A & B & C & D', True),
(list('ABCD'), 'A & B & C & D & ~E', True),
(list('ABCD'), 'A & B & C & D & E', False),
(list('ABCD'), 'A & C | C & ~E', True),
(list('ABCD'), '~A | C & ~E', True),
(list('ABCD'), '~A | D & E', False),
(list('ABCD'), 'A', True),
(list('ABCD'), 'A | F | G | H', True),
(list('ABCD'), 'E | F | C | H', True),
(list('ABCD'), 'Y | F | Z | H', False),
(list('ABCD'), 'A & B | ~C & ~D', True),
# Try a few with werid spacings
(list('ABCD'), 'A|D &~E', True),
(['A', 'B'], '~A |B&C&~D', False),
(['A', 'B'], 'A| B|C&~D', True),
def test_label_query_parsing(labels, label_query, match):
label_list_method = 'alerts.utils.Label.objects.values_list'
#with mock.patch('alerts.utils.get_label_parser') as mock_glp:
with mock.patch(label_list_method) as mock_llm:
mock_llm.return_value = list(string.ascii_uppercase)
lqp = get_label_query_parser(labels)
assert lqp.parseString(label_query)[0] == match
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