Commit 1b8b640e authored by Jonah Kanner's avatar Jonah Kanner 🤓 Committed by GraceDB
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parent 4fd19a09
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ class SupereventPublic(ListView):
for se in context['object_list']:
viewable_logs = get_objects_for_user(self.request.user,
se.log_set.all()).filter(tags__name='em_follow') #-- change to analyst_comment
se.log_set.all()).filter(tags__name='analyst_comments') #-- change to analyst_comments
se.comments = ' ** '.join([log.comment for log in viewable_logs])
se.maplocal = "/apiweb/superevents/{0}/files/bayestar.png".format(se.superevent_id)
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