Verified Commit 652a0763 authored by Tanner Prestegard's avatar Tanner Prestegard
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Fix XSendFilePath in Apache config for container deployment

parent 863b4360
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ ServerName ${DJANGO_PRIMARY_FQDN}
# Set up mod_xsendfile for serving static event files as directed by Django
XSendFile On
XSendFilePath /opt/gracedb/data
XSendFilePath /app/db_data/
Alias /shibboleth-ds/idpselect_config.js /etc/shibboleth-ds/idpselect_config.js
Alias /shibboleth-ds/idpselect.js /etc/shibboleth-ds/idpselect.js
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