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removing "Download LIGOLW" link from query page

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......@@ -14,11 +14,7 @@
{{ form.as_table }}
<tr><td></td><td><input type="Submit" value="Search" class="searchButtonClass"></td></tr>
<tr><td></td><td><a href="/documentation/queries.html" target="_blank">Query help</a>
{% if raw_query and query_type == 'E' %}
| <a href="{% url "mainsearch" %}?query={{raw_query|urlencode}}&query_type={{query_type}}&get_neighbors={{get_neighbors}}&results_format=L">Download LIGOLW file</a>
{% endif %}
<tr><td></td><td><a href="/documentation/queries.html" target="_blank">Query help</a></td></tr>
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