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Commit a2d83186 authored by Jonah Kanner's avatar Jonah Kanner 🤓 Committed by GraceDB

better far fromat

parent 54e9c062
......@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ class SupereventPublic2(DisplayFarMixin, ListView):
se.t0_utc = se.t0_iso.split()[1]
# Get display FARs for preferred_event
se.disp_far = self.get_display_far(obj=se.preferred_event)[0]
se.far_hz, se.far_hr, se.far_limit = self.get_display_far(obj=se.preferred_event)
......@@ -37,20 +37,16 @@
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-sortable-col data-tablesaw-priority="1">Possible Source (Probability)</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-sortable-col data-tablesaw-priority="2">UTC</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-col data-tablesaw-priority="3">GCN</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-col data-tablesaw-priority="6">Location</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-col data-tablesaw-priority="4">Location</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-sortable-col data-tablesaw-priority="5">FAR</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-sortable-col data-tablesaw-priority="6">Comments</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-sortable-col data-tablesaw-priority="0">GPS</th>
{% if not user_is_external %}
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-col data-tablesaw-priority="5">&Omega; Scan</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-col data-tablesaw-priority="6">&Omega; Scan</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-col data-tablesaw-priority="6">PE</th>
{% endif %}
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-sortable-col data-tablesaw-priority="4">Comments</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-sortable-col data-tablesaw-priority="5">GPS</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-sortable-col data-tablesaw-sortable-numeric data-tablesaw-priority="0">FAR (Hz)</th>
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-col data-tablesaw-priority="0">VOEvent</th>
{% if not user_is_external %}
<th scope="col" data-tablesaw-col data-tablesaw-priority="0">PE</th>
{% endif %}
......@@ -61,35 +57,34 @@
<td style='min-width:100px;'><a href=/superevents/{{ event.superevent_id }}>{{ event.default_superevent_id }}</a></td>
<td style='min-width:120px;'>{{ event.sourcetypes }} </td>
<td style='min-width:100px;'>{{ event.sourcetypes }} </td>
<td style='min-width:140px'>
<span style='font-size:0px;'>{{ event.t0_iso }}</span>{{ event.t_0_date }}<br/>
{{ event.t0_utc }} UTC
<a href={{ event.noticeurl }}>Notice</a><br/>
<a href={{ event.gcnurl }}>Circulars</a>
<td style='min-width:110px;'>
<a href={{ event.gcnurl }}>GCN Circulars</a><br/>
<a href={{ event.noticeurl }}>Notices</a> |
<a href='/api/superevents/{{ event.default_superevent_id }}/voevents/'>VOE</a>
<td> <a href='{{ event.maplocal }}'> <img src='{{ event.maplocal }}' width='200px'/> </a> </td>
<td> <a href='{{ event.maplocal }}'> <img src='{{ event.maplocal }}' width='120px'/> </a> </td>
<td style='min-width:120px;'><span style='font-size:0px'>{{ event.far_hz|floatformat:10 }}</span>{{ event.far_hr }}</td>
<td style='min-width:80px;'>{{ event.comments |safe}} </td>
<td>{{ event.t_0|floatformat:2 }} </td>
{% if not user_is_external %}
<td style='min-width:70px'>
<a href='{{ event.superevent_id }}/L1deepomegascan/'>&Omega; L1</a><br/>
<a href='{{ event.superevent_id }}/H1deepomegascan/'>&Omega; H1</a>
<td>{{ |safe}}</td>
{% endif %}
<td>{{ event.comments |safe}} </td>
<td>{{ event.t_0|floatformat:2 }} </td>
<!-- <td> 1 per {{ event.ifar_yrs|floatformat:2 }} years</td> -->
<td> {{ event.disp_far|stringformat:".2e" }} </td>
<td> <a href='/api/superevents/{{ event.default_superevent_id }}/voevents/'>VOEvent</a></td>
{% if not user_is_external %} <td> {{ |safe}}</td> {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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