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    Add AuthGroup model · c2b20c67
    Tanner Prestegard authored
    ligoauth.models.AuthGroup is an enhanced version of the builtin Django
    Group model. We add useful attributes like a description, ldap_name,
    and Tag.  These can be used to abstract things that are presently
    handled manually, like inheriting membership from an LDAP group or
    allowing access to view log messages/files with a specific Tag.
    I ran some tests comparing this multi-table inheritance setup to
    adding a OneToOneField and loading it with/without select_related.
    After 1K trials, the DB query times looked comparable and didn't
    require multiple queries for this arrangement, so the convenience
    seems to be worth it.
    The commit creates the model and populates an instance for existing
    each existing Django Group.
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