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Verified Commit 37dd5c29 authored by Thomas Downes's avatar Thomas Downes Committed by Tanner Prestegard

Add nagios shibboleth status check for use as kubernetes health/readiness probes

parent 3c61e44c
......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ COPY docker/shibboleth-ds /etc/shibboleth-ds
COPY docker/apache-config /etc/apache2/sites-available/gracedb.conf
COPY docker/ /etc/shibboleth/
COPY docker/inc-md-cert.pem /etc/shibboleth/inc-md-cert.pem
COPY docker/check_shibboleth_status /usr/local/bin/check_shibboleth_status
RUN a2dissite 000-default.conf && \
a2ensite gracedb.conf && \
Pulls Shibboleth status.sso page, checks for:
1. Presence of <OK/> tags under Status and SessionCache,
2. Presence of required metadata feeds (see metadata_feeds).
Run ./check_shibboleth_status -h for help.
# Imports
import argparse, urllib2, sys
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
# Parameters - may need to be modified in the future
# if Shibboleth status pages change or new metadata
# providers are added.
tags_to_check = ["Status", "SessionCache"] # XML tags to check for "OK" status.
# Metadata feeds.
default_metadata_feeds = ["ligo-approved-idp-none", "incommon", "cirrus"]
# Default arguments
default_host = "localhost"
default_urlpath = "Shibboleth.sso/Status"
default_timeout = 10
# Process arguments.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(formatter_class=
parser.add_argument("-H", "--host", type=str,
help="Hostname of gracedb server",
parser.add_argument("-U", "--urlpath", type=str,
help="Path to gracedb server Shibboleth status page",
parser.add_argument("-T", "--timeout", type=int,
help="Maximum time (in sec.) to allow connecting to server",
parser.add_argument("-F", "--feeds", type=str,
help=("Comma-separated list of metadata feeds to check"
"for the presence of"), default=",".join(
args = parser.parse_args()
host = "http://" +
urlpath = args.urlpath
timeout = args.timeout
metadata_feeds = args.feeds.split(",")
# Get XML data from URL.
host_url = host + "/" + urlpath
response = urllib2.urlopen(host_url, timeout=timeout)
except urllib2.URLError:
print "Error opening Shibboleth status page (" + host_url + ")."
print "Unknown error opening Shibboleth status page (" + host_url + ")."
# Convert from string to ElementTree
status_tree = ET.fromstring(
except ET.ParseError:
# Error parsing response.
print "Error parsing response from server - not in XML format."
# Error that is not ParseError.
print "Unknown error occurred when parsing response from server."
# Process XML. ----------------------------
# Check 1: find <Status> and <SessionCache> tags, make sure
# they both contain an <OK/> child.
for tag in tags_to_check:
status_tag = status_tree.find(tag)
if (status_tag is None):
print "Error: tag \'" + tag + "\' not found."
status_OK = status_tag.find('OK')
if (status_OK is None):
print "Error: tag \'" + tag + "\' is not OK."
# Check 2: make sure metadata feeds that we expect
# are actually there.
metaprov_tags = status_tree.findall("MetadataProvider")
srcs = [element.attrib['source'] for element in metaprov_tags]
for feed in metadata_feeds:
feed_found = [src.lower().find(feed) >= 0 for src in srcs]
if (sum(feed_found) < 1):
print "MetadataProvider " + feed + " not found."
elif (sum(feed_found) < 1):
print "MetadataProvider " + feed + "found in multiple elements."
# If we make it to this point, everything is OK.
print "All MetadataProviders found. Status and SessionCache are OK."
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