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Commit 3edca060 authored by Tanner Prestegard's avatar Tanner Prestegard Committed by GraceDB

api: fix 400 error message for voevent creation

parent e5e627a1
......@@ -1716,7 +1716,7 @@ class VOEventList(InheritPermissionsAPIView):
MassGap ='MassGap', None)
if (skymap_filename and not skymap_type) or (skymap_type and not skymap_filename):
msg = "Both or neither of skymap_time and skymap_filename must be specified."
msg = "Both or neither of skymap_type and skymap_filename must be specified."
return Response({'error': msg}, status = status.HTTP_400_BAD_REQUEST)
# Instantiate the voevent and save in order to get the serial number
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