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Commit 572926c6 authored by Tanner Prestegard's avatar Tanner Prestegard Committed by GraceDB

Add customized SupereventPublic2 view

Some improvements and cleanup to SupereventPublic
parent 3bceb31e
......@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@ urlpatterns = legacy_urlpatterns + [
# table of all public events
url(r'^public/$', views.SupereventPublic.as_view(), name="pubic-alerts"),
url(r'^public/$', views.SupereventPublic.as_view(), name="public-alerts"),
# Tanner customizations
url(r'^public2/$', views.SupereventPublic2.as_view(), name="public-alerts2"),
import logging
import os
from lal import gpstime
from django.urls import reverse
from django.views.generic.detail import DetailView
from django.views.generic import ListView
......@@ -12,7 +14,7 @@ from events.mixins import DisplayFarMixin
from events.permission_utils import is_external
from .mixins import ExposeHideMixin, OperatorSignoffMixin, \
AdvocateSignoffMixin, PermissionsFilterMixin, ConfirmGwFormMixin
from .models import Superevent
from .models import Superevent, VOEvent
from .utils import get_superevent_by_date_id_or_404
......@@ -196,4 +198,101 @@ class SupereventPublic(ListView):
return context
class SupereventPublic2(ListView):
model = Superevent
template_name = 'superevents/public.html'
filter_permissions = ['superevents.view_superevent']
log_view_permission = 'superevents.view_log'
noticeurl_template = '{s_id}.lvc'
gcnurl_template = '{sd_id}.gcn3'
skymap_filename = 'bayestar.png'
def get_queryset(self, **kwargs):
# -- Query only for public events
# Comment from Tanner: Use the category directly from the superevent
# model rather than hard-coding
qs = Superevent.objects.filter(is_exposed=True,
.prefetch_related('voevent_set', 'log_set')
return qs
def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
# Get base context
# Comment from Tanner: use super() here; it's equivalent in this case
# to directly calling ListView.get_context_data, but super() is
# typically better practice
context = super(SupereventPublic2, self).get_context_data(**kwargs)
#-- For each superevent, get list of log messages and construct pastro string
candidates = 0
for se in self.object_list:
# Comment from Tanner: use reverse() for internal URLs
se.maplocal = reverse('legacy_apiweb:default:superevents:superevent-file-detail',
args=[se.default_superevent_id, self.skymap_filename])
#-- GCN links
# Comment from Tanner: define link templates outside of function
# so they are loaded at "compile-time" rather than each time the
# function is called
se.noticeurl = self.noticeurl_template.format(s_id=
se.gcnurl = self.gcnurl_template.format(sd_id=
# Comment from Tanner: suggest to refactor ifar yrs so it shows as
# either 1 per X yrs or 1/X per 1 yr, depending on which one
# is most understandable (see lines 389-398 of events/
# However: is this right? Looks like we are presenting iFAR as FAR
# in the template. Maybe I'm not understanding it, though.
se.ifar_yrs = 1.0 / (se.far*3600*24*365.0)
se.t0_iso = gpstime.gps_to_utc(se.t_0).isoformat(' ').split('.')[0]
se.t0_utc = se.t0_iso.split()[1]
#-- Get list of voevents
# Comment from Tanner: do as much work as you can in the database.
# Also, use VOEvent types from the model rather than hard-coding
# -- Filter out retractions
# Comment from Tanner: looks like we only ever use the
# non-retraction VOEvent with the highest N, so let's just get
# it in one query.
voe = se.voevent_set.exclude(voevent_type=
# -- Was this candidate retracted?
se.retract = se.voevent_set.filter(voevent_type=
candidates += int(not se.retract)
# Get list of viewable logs for user which are tagged with
# 'analyst_comments'
viewable_logs = get_objects_for_user(self.request.user,
# Compile comments from these logs
se.comments = ' ** '.join(list(viewable_logs.values_list(
'comment', flat=True)))
if se.retract: se.comments += " ** RETRACTED ** "
# -- Read out probabilities
pastro_values = [ ("BNS",voe.prob_bns), ("NSBH",voe.prob_nsbh),
("BBH", voe.prob_bbh), ("Terrestrial", voe.prob_terrestrial),
("MassGap", voe.prob_mass_gap) ]
pastro_values.sort(reverse=True, key=lambda (a,b):b)
sourcelist = []
for key, value in pastro_values:
if value > 0.01:
prob = int(round(100*value))
if prob == 100: prob = '>99'
sourcestr = "{0} ({1}%)".format(key, prob)
se.sourcetypes = ', '.join(sourcelist)
se.N = voe.N
# Number of non-retracted candidate events
context['candidates'] = candidates
#-- Is this user outside the LVC?
context['user_is_external'] = is_external(self.request.user)
return context
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