Commit 6728703a authored by Patrick Godwin's avatar Patrick Godwin choose max iDQ value with finer sampling across +/- 1 second window

parent a6ee549a
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......@@ -414,8 +414,8 @@ class LnSignalDensity(LnLRDensity):
if ifo in snrs:
# FIXME don't just use the last segment, somehow include whole template duration?
t = float(seg[1])
# NOTE choose max over +-1 seconds because the sampling is only at 1 Hz.
lnP -= max(self.idq_glitch_lnl[ifo]([t-1., t, t+1.]))
# NOTE choose max over +/-1 second window around merger.
lnP -= max(self.idq_glitch_lnl[ifo](numpy.linspace(t-1., t+1., num=50, endpoint=True)))
return lnP + sum(interp(snrs[instrument], chi2_over_snr2) for instrument, chi2_over_snr2 in chi2s_over_snr2s.items())
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