Commit 85db5273 authored by GstLAL CBC Offline's avatar GstLAL CBC Offline Committed by Chad Hanna
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don't allow Ligo + (virgo or kagra) time to cause ligo sngls to go in the background

(cherry picked from commit bc375fc8)
parent ebe7c676
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......@@ -211,12 +211,13 @@ class backgroundcollector(object):
elif len(event_ids) == 1:
def pull(self, snr_min, two_or_more_instruments, flushed_events):
def pull(self, snr_min, hl_on, flushed_events):
index = dict((id(event), event) for event in flushed_events)
flushed_ids = set(index)
background_ids = self.timeshifted_coincs & flushed_ids
self.timeshifted_coincs -= flushed_ids
background_ids |= set(event_id for event_id in self.zerolag_singles & flushed_ids if float(index[event_id].end) in two_or_more_instruments)
# put all virgo and kagra in their own background
background_ids |= set(event_id for event_id in self.zerolag_singles & flushed_ids if ((float(index[event_id].end) in hl_on) or (index[event_id].ifo not in ("H1", "L1"))))
self.zerolag_singles -= flushed_ids
return [event for event in map(index.__getitem__, background_ids) if event.snr >= snr_min]
......@@ -349,11 +350,14 @@ class StreamThinca(object):
# add selected singles to the noise model
if flushed:
# times when at least 2 instruments were generating
# times when H and L were generating
# SNR. used to select zero-lag singles for
# inclusion in the denominator.
two_or_more_instruments =, 2)
if "H1" in snr_segments and "L1" in snr_segments:
hl_on = snr_segments["H1"] & snr_segments["L1"]
hl_on = segments.segmentlist([])
# FIXME: this is needed to work around rounding
# problems in safety checks below, trying to
# compare GPS trigger times to float segment
......@@ -361,9 +365,9 @@ class StreamThinca(object):
# precision to know if triggers near the edge are
# in or out). it would be better not to have to
# screw around like this.
two_or_more_instruments.protract(1e-3) # 1 ms
hl_on.protract(1e-3) # 1 ms
for event in self.backgroundcollector.pull(rankingstat.snr_min, two_or_more_instruments, flushed):
for event in self.backgroundcollector.pull(rankingstat.snr_min, hl_on, flushed):
# add any triggers that have been used in coincidences for
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