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Commit dce6683c authored by Leo Tsukada's avatar Leo Tsukada : added KAGRA to responses/locations list

parent 8545856a
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......@@ -1140,8 +1140,8 @@ class TimePhaseSNR(object):
# NOTE to save a couple hundred megs of ram we do not
# include kagra for now...
responses = {"H1": lal.CachedDetectors[lal.LHO_4K_DETECTOR].response, "L1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.LLO_4K_DETECTOR].response, "V1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.VIRGO_DETECTOR].response}#, "K1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.KAGRA_DETECTOR].response}
locations = {"H1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.LHO_4K_DETECTOR].location, "L1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.LLO_4K_DETECTOR].location, "V1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.VIRGO_DETECTOR].location}#, "K1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.KAGRA_DETECTOR].location}
responses = {"H1": lal.CachedDetectors[lal.LHO_4K_DETECTOR].response, "L1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.LLO_4K_DETECTOR].response, "V1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.VIRGO_DETECTOR].response, "K1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.KAGRA_DETECTOR].response}
locations = {"H1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.LHO_4K_DETECTOR].location, "L1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.LLO_4K_DETECTOR].location, "V1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.VIRGO_DETECTOR].location, "K1":lal.CachedDetectors[lal.KAGRA_DETECTOR].location}
numchunks = 20
def __init__(self, transtt = None, transtp = None, transpt = None, transpp = None, transdd = None, norm = None, tree_data = None, margsky = None, verbose = False, margstart = 0, margstop = None):
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