Commit feaa3fa7 authored by Patrick Godwin's avatar Patrick Godwin
Browse files add environment variables to process params without overwriting self.process

parent edb00063
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......@@ -340,7 +340,7 @@ class CoincsDocument(object):
# major contributor to the size of merged databases and xml
# files. A patch to ligolw_process.register_to_xmldoc would be
# welcomed
self.process = ligolw_process.register_to_xmldoc(self.xmldoc, u"environment_variables", os.environ)
self.process = ligolw_process.register_to_xmldoc(self.xmldoc, u"gstlal_inspiral", process_params, comment = comment, ifos = instruments)
if process_start_time is not None:
self.process.start_time = process_start_time
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