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Commit 0cfc19b1 authored by Madeline Wade's avatar Madeline Wade

Reverting a change from python3 syntax

parent f3a3b8f8
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......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ def transform_arrays(input_arrays, elemfunc, name, rate = 1, **elemfunc_kwargs):
pipeline = Gst.Pipeline(name = name)
head = pipeparts.mkgeneric(pipeline, None, "appsrc", caps = pipeio.caps_from_array(input_arrays[0], rate = rate))
def need_data(elem, arg, input_arrays, rate):
def need_data(elem, arg, (input_arrays, rate)):
if input_arrays:
arr = input_arrays.pop(0)
elem.set_property("caps", pipeio.caps_from_array(arr, rate))
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ def transform_arrays(input_arrays, elemfunc, name, rate = 1, **elemfunc_kwargs):
return Gst.FlowReturn.EOS
head.connect("need-data", need_data, input_arrays, rate)
head.connect("need-data", need_data, (input_arrays, rate))
head = elemfunc(pipeline, head, **elemfunc_kwargs)
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