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Commit 25ce7d01 authored by Patrick Godwin's avatar Patrick Godwin add queue after whitener to avoid pipeline... add queue after whitener to avoid pipeline hanging after segment boundaries
parent 9164669b
......@@ -190,6 +190,12 @@ def mkwhitened_multirate_src(pipeline, src, rates, native_rate, instrument, psd
firelem.set_property("fir-matrix", numpy.array(kernel, ndmin = 2))
whiten.connect_after("notify::mean-psd", set_fir_psd, head, reference_psd.PSDFirKernel())
# extra queue to deal with gaps produced by segmentsrc
head = pipeparts.mkqueue(pipeline, head, max_size_buffers = 0, max_size_bytes = 0, max_size_time = Gst.SECOND * (psd_fft_length + 2))
# Drop initial data to let the PSD settle
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