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Commit 29f8844e authored by Patrick Godwin's avatar Patrick Godwin

gstlal_snax_sink: add --features-path to save features separately

parent 5ea4c156
......@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ def parse_command_line():
group = optparse.OptionGroup(parser, "File Sink Options", "General settings for configuring the file sink.")
group.add_option("-v","--verbose", default=False, action="store_true", help = "Print to stdout in addition to writing to automatically generated log.")
group.add_option("--log-level", type = "int", default = 10, help = "Sets the verbosity of logging. Default = 10.")
group.add_option("--rootdir", metavar = "path", default = ".", help = "Sets the root directory where features, logs, and metadata are stored.")
group.add_option("--rootdir", metavar = "path", default = ".", help = "Sets the root directory where logs and metadata are stored.")
group.add_option("--features-path", metavar = "path", default = ".", help = "Write features to this path. Default = .")
group.add_option("--basename", metavar = "string", default = "GSTLAL_IDQ_FEATURES", help = "Sets the basename for files written to disk. Default = GSTLAL_IDQ_FEATURES")
group.add_option("--instrument", metavar = "string", default = "H1", help = "Sets the instrument for files written to disk. Default = H1")
group.add_option("--tag", metavar = "string", default = "test", help = "Sets the name of the tag used. Default = 'test'")
......@@ -123,6 +124,7 @@ class HDF5StreamSink(object):
self.last_save_time = None
self.last_persist_time = None
self.rootdir = options.rootdir
self.base_features_path = options.features_path
self.sample_rate = options.sample_rate
self.write_cadence = options.write_cadence
self.persist_cadence = options.persist_cadence
......@@ -151,7 +153,7 @@ class HDF5StreamSink(object):
# set/update file names and directories with new gps time and duration
self.feature_name = os.path.splitext(utils.to_trigger_filename(self.basename, start_time, duration, 'h5'))[0]
self.feature_path = utils.to_trigger_path(os.path.abspath(self.rootdir), self.basename, start_time)
self.feature_path = utils.to_trigger_path(os.path.abspath(self.base_features_path), self.basename, start_time)
self.tmp_path = utils.to_trigger_path(self.tmp_dir, self.basename, start_time)
# create temp and output directories if they don't exist
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