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Commit 2aeb5fa9 authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna

lloidhandler: aggregate max SNRs from each IFO rather than across ifos - Fixes...

lloidhandler: aggregate max SNRs from each IFO rather than across ifos - Fixes weird correlations in SNR heat map - addresses request to provide gstlal background for Virgo
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......@@ -205,11 +205,16 @@ class EyeCandy(object):
def update(self, events, last_coincs):
self.ram_history.append((float(lal.UTCToGPS(time.gmtime())), (resource.getrusage(resource.RUSAGE_SELF).ru_maxrss + resource.getrusage(resource.RUSAGE_CHILDREN).ru_maxrss) / 1048576.)) # GB
if events:
max_snr_event = max(events, key = lambda event: event.snr)
self.ifo_snr_history[max_snr_event.ifo].append((float(max_snr_event.end), max_snr_event.snr))
if self.producer is not None:
for ii, column in enumerate(["time", "data"]):
self.kafka_data["%s_snr_history" % max_snr_event.ifo][column].append(float(self.ifo_snr_history[max_snr_event.ifo][-1][ii]))
maxevents = {}
for event in events:
if (event.ifo not in maxevents) or (event.snr > maxevents[event.ifo].snr):
maxevents[event.ifo] = event
for ifo, event in maxevents.items():
t, snr = float(event.end), event.snr
self.ifo_snr_history[ifo].append((t, snr))
if self.producer is not None:
self.kafka_data["%s_snr_history" % ifo]["time"].append(t)
self.kafka_data["%s_snr_history" % ifo]["data"].append(snr)
if last_coincs:
coinc_inspiral_index = last_coincs.coinc_inspiral_index
coinc_event_index = last_coincs.coinc_event_index
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